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The Beauty Bohemian Collective is a full-service marketing destination that specializes in out-of-the-box, innovative thinking, organic growth strategies and authentic brand development.

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Maximize buzz. Minimize costs. Get results.

We can help cultivate your brand identity and values. Creatively and consistently connecting people to your mission and products.

We are capable of developing and executing creative, cost-effective social media campaigns that will enhance your brand visibility and maximize content for all marketing initiatives.

We can harness the power of PR, influencers & brand collaborations to help your product go viral. Product placements, brand loyalty programs and other campaign initiatives help to ante up brand awareness, online conversations and drive traffic to your site.

Our social media and marketing portfolio is available upon request.

About Mira

It's hard to grow a business when you're not sure what to say. With over 15 years of experience as a marketer, editor and social media strategist, I’ve turned my passion for community and writing into my own personal unique set of expertise that can cut down the clutter and get your most valuable message across.

I’ve helped numerous start-ups in the beauty, lifestyle and food space carve out their niche and establish their online presence. Connection, communication and community is at the heart of what I do and more importantly, creating and cultivating the conversations that celebrate the many things that bring us together.

Let me help you find your (brand) voice,


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